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Pars Sanat  Parand Co. is the  first  Iranian  switchgear  manufacturer  which  has successfully received  IMS (Integrated Management System) certificate.

Our  expertise   cover  the  full required  package of switchgears ,starting from the feasibility studies to  the  engineering   activities ,material  and equipment procurement, manufacturing to the complete installation in all areas of the electrical solution such as regional electric companies ,railway transportation, oil-gas & petrochemical ,Steel and cement ,power plant & …

Pars   sanat   parand   by  acquiring  approval  from   Tavanir Company  and  get  on the list of:

  • ministry  of energy  approved  manufacturers
  • Iranian  Association of Electrical Panels,
  • Iran Electrical Industry Syndicate
  • Iran Power Plant  Projects Management  Company (MAPNA)
  • National  Iranian  Gas  Company (NIGC)
  • National  Iranian  Oil  Company(NIOC)
  • Manufacturing   Support  & Procurement  Kala   Naft   Company,
  • Tehran Oil  Refining  Company
  • Petroleum  Engineering   &  Development  Company  (PEDEC)
  • Iranian  Offshore Oil  Company (IOOC)
  • National  Iranian  South  Oil  Company(NISOC)
  • Iranian  Central  Oil  Field Company(ICOFC)
  • South  Zagross  Oil  & Gas Production Company
  • National Iranian Oil  Refining   &  Distribution  Company (NIORDC)
  • National  Iranian  Oil  Engineering  &  Construction  Company(NIOEC)
  • National  Iranian  Drilling  Company (NIDC)
  • National  Iranian Petrochemical Company (NIPC)
  • Supplying Petrochemical  Industries  Part  Equipment  & Chemical Eng  Company (Spec)
  • Nargan  Engineers  &  Constructors  Company
  • National  Iranian  Copper   Industries   Company (NICICO)
  • Petrochemical  Industries  development  Management  Company (PIDMCO)
  • Mondedashti Cement Company